GHD Air vs Helios: Which is The Best Hair Dryer?

GHD Air vs Helios: Which is The Best Hair Dryer?

When it comes to hair dryers, the GHD brand is synonymous with quality, and it’s no surprise that they offer two impressive models – the GHD Air and GHD Helios. But what sets them apart?

Firstly, the GHD Air has been a market leader for over 10 years and is still one of the best hair dryers available. In contrast, the GHD Helios is the more recent and improved version.

So, what are the differences between these two models? Let’s compare them: GHD Air vs Helios.

The GHD Air has been around longer, but the GHD Helios boasts new technology and improved performance. While both offer high-end performance, the Helios is lighter and more powerful, with a longer-lasting motor.

Despite its newer technology, the Helios comes with a steeper price tag than the Air. However, its advanced features and sleek design may make it worth the investment.

ghd Air Hair Dryer
ghd Helios Hair Dryer

Introducing the GHD Air

Renowned as one of the best hair dryers in the market for over a decade, the GHD Air hair dryer boasts a professional-grade design that is both simple and elegant.

Despite its bulkiness, weighing around 600 grams, this styling device’s weight is also what makes it sturdy and efficient.

The GHD Air’s powerful motor provides 2,100 watts of power, with adjustable temperature and power settings to cater to different hair types and styling preferences. With two temperature and two power settings, users can tailor the dryer’s performance to their desired outcome. Additionally, it has a “cold air” button that sets the style in place.

Introducing the GHD Air

Although the GHD Air may be heavier than its competitors, its superior performance and adjustability make it a popular choice among hair stylists and professionals.

Thanks to its ionic technology, the GHD Air hair dryer allows for a quick and efficient drying process, taking only 3-4 minutes. This technology diffuses heat rapidly, ensuring that the hair is not exposed to excessive heat, which can cause damage.

Moreover, the dryer’s optimal temperature setting protects the hair while ensuring a fast drying process.

One of the best things about the GHD Air is that it operates quietly, making it a preferred choice for those who dislike loud styling devices. Additionally, it is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip and ease of handling during styling sessions.

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GHD Air technical specifications

The GHD Air hair dryer boasts impressive technical specifications, including 2,100 W of power, 2 temperature and heat settings, advanced ionic technology, and ceramic heating elements. Additionally, it features a 3-meter professional cable, ergonomic design, and a concentrator tip for precision styling.

For those interested in purchasing the GHD Air hair dryer, there is a GHD Air Premium set available that includes the hair dryer, diffuser, round ceramic brush, two hair clips, and a storage pouch for on-the-go styling.


GHD Helios hair dryer

The GHD Helios is a newer and improved version of the GHD Air, boasting a modern design and enhanced features. While the device’s functionality and design are almost identical to its predecessor, a few key differences set it apart.

One of the most significant differences is the GHD Helios’s brushless motor, which provides a power output of 2,200 watts. This powerful motor ensures optimal drying speed and delivers smoother, shinier hair.

In addition to its powerful motor, the GHD Helios has three temperature modes that allow users to customize the heat to their specific needs. The ionic technology incorporated into the device offers better control over the results, and the “cold air” button sets the style in place.

GHD helios

Despite these upgrades, the GHD Helios still retains the user-friendly design of the GHD Air, including the location of the buttons, making it a popular choice among hair professionals and enthusiasts alike.

The GHD Helios has an ergonomic and lightweight design that makes it easy to handle and use. It boasts a low noise level, ensuring a comfortable and peaceful styling experience, and features a 3-meter long cable that provides ample room for movement during styling sessions.

GHD Helios technical specifications

The GHD Helios has several technical features that make it a powerful and efficient hair dryer. It boasts a 2,200 W power output with a brushless motor, two temperature settings, and three heat settings for customizable styling options.

One of the most notable features of the GHD Helios is its advanced Aeroprecis™ technology, which combines an internal aerodynamic design with a contoured nozzle. This technology ensures more precise airflow and temperature distribution, resulting in a more controlled and effective styling experience.

The GHD Helios also features a long 3-meter professional cable and an ergonomic design, making it easy to use and handle. Its contoured nozzle provides added precision during styling sessions, making it a popular choice among professional hair stylists and enthusiasts alike.

GHD helios

GHD Air vs Helios: What are the differences between them?

Despite their similar appearances, the GHD Helios hair dryer offers several performance enhancements that make it the superior model when compared to the GHD Air.

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One of the key differences between the two models is the motor. The GHD Air features a 2,100-watt AC motor, which is already considered a high-end performance feature. However, the GHD Helios boasts an even more powerful brushless motor with a 2,200-watt power output, making it more efficient and faster when it comes to drying and styling hair.

The GHD Helios boasts a Brushless motor with 2,200 watts, taking its noise level to a minimum. According to the brand, it surpasses its predecessor with faster, lighter, and quieter features. Weighing only 510 grams, or 20% lighter than the GHD Air, the Helios stands out as a lightweight contender.

Moreover, the Helios includes the advanced AeroprecisTM technology, making it even more advanced than the GHD Air. The internal aerodynamics ensure a precise flow of air and heat, providing exceptional styling results. In summary, the GHD Helios is an all-round improved hairdryer with superior technology, lightweight design, and low noise level.

In order to clarify the distinctions between the GHD Air and the GHD Helios, we have created a comparison chart below:

FeatureGHD Air hair dryerGHD Helios hair dryer
Power2,100 W2,200 W and Brushless motor
Heat settings23
TechnologyIonicMore advanced technology Aeroprecis™
WeightOver 600g510g
DesignErgonomicSlightly thinner ergonomic design

GHD Air vs Helios: Which to choose?

GHD Air vs Helios: Which to choose?

If you’re struggling to decide which hair dryer to choose between the GHD Air and the GHD Helios, here are some helpful hints to guide you in making an informed decision:

GHD Helios: for long hair or long dryings

The GHD Helios is not only lighter but also slimmer compared to the GHD Air. This means that if you have long or thick hair that requires more drying time, using the GHD Air for extended periods could cause more fatigue.

Similarly, if you frequently use your hair dryer for intricate brushings that require more maneuverability and time, the GHD Helios is the better option. It’s lightweight, slim design allows for faster drying and easier maneuverability, making it ideal for prolonged and intricate hair styling.

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Therefore, if you’re looking for a hair dryer that offers faster drying time, is lightweight, and easy to maneuver, the GHD Helios is the way to go.

GHD Air: for fine hair and classic blow-drying

The GHD Air offers exceptional value for money with its high-end performance and powerful motor, which is one of the highest-rated in the market. Its features are almost identical to the GHD Helios, except for the Helios’ enhanced power.

However, not all users require the extra power provided by the GHD Helios, particularly those with naturally quick-drying hair or those who prefer a regular “classic” blow dry. In these cases, you may question the need for the additional expense of the GHD Helios when the GHD Air already offers top-notch performance.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a hair dryer that provides high-performance, powerful drying capabilities, and offers excellent value for money, the GHD Air is a fantastic option.

GHD Helios: for unruly, hard-to-style hair

Undoubtedly, the advanced performance of the GHD Helios is highly beneficial for challenging hair types. While both hair dryers provide professional results and leave your hair shiny, the GHD Helios is the more advanced and superior version.

For those with hard-to-style hair types, the GHD Helios is the perfect choice to tame unruly hair and prevent frizz. Its advanced features, such as the AeroprecisTM technology and Brushless motor, provide precise and controlled airflow, resulting in smoother and shinier hair.

Therefore, if you have challenging hair types that require extra effort to discipline and prevent frizz, investing in the GHD Helios is a wise choice.

GHD Air vs Helios: prices?

The prices of the GHD Air and GHD Helios may vary depending on the vendor. On average, there is approximately a 80$ difference between the two hair dryer models, with the GHD Helios being the more expensive option.

Typically, the GHD Air is sold for around 200$ on trading platforms such as Cdiscount, Amazon, or other marketplaces.

On the other hand, the GHD Helios is available at a higher price point, ranging from 230$ to 300 €. It’s worth noting that the color of the hair dryer can also be a significant factor, especially for limited edition models that may quickly go out of stock.

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