List Of The Best 15 Baddie Hairstyles

List Of The Best 15 Baddie Hairstyles

Looking for the trendiest baddie hairstyles? Look no further. The world of baddies, as seen on Instagram, is all about exuding confidence and fierceness. Picture someone like Kylie Jenner, and you’ll grasp the essence of a baddie.

A baddie is that self-assured, impeccably styled bad girl. Her appearance is always on point, from flawless brows to perfect makeup. She’s in tune with the latest trends, leaving no room for drama.

With a slim-thick physique, she proudly showcases her curves, whether she’s in a sleek dress or a chic sweatsuit, usually in shades like black, brown, plum, nude, or mauve. Above all, she radiates glamour and is always ready to make a statement.

So, if you aspire to embrace the baddie lifestyle, it all begins with your hair. Baddie hairstyles play a pivotal role in perfecting their overall look. Let’s delve into the hairstyles that meet the baddie criteria.

1. Cornrows

Cornrows - List Of The Best 15 Baddie Hairstyles

Cornrows exude an aura of toughness, which aligns perfectly with the fearless look a baddie strives for. It’s a natural choice.

Granted, mastering this baddie hairstyle might be a bit challenging, especially for beginners. However, remember that proficiency comes with practice, so persist until you nail it.

For those with short hair or a desire to incorporate vibrant colors, consider feed-in hair as an appealing option.

2. Vibrant Blunt Bob

Vibrant Blunt Bob - List Of The Best 15 Baddie Hairstyles

Nothing quite screams “bad” like a razor-sharp blunt bob, making it a fitting starting point for our lineup of baddie hairstyles.

The essence of a blunt bob lies in its precisely straight, untextured cut, devoid of layers or elevation. Think of Uma Thurman’s iconic look in Pulp Fiction – that’s the goal.

If you’re not quite ready for the haircut commitment, there are plenty of budget-friendly wigs (on Amazon). It’s a must-have accessory for every baddie’s wardrobe.

For an extra dose of trendiness, opt for a wig in a vibrant, unconventional hair color, like striking blue or purple, to earn those style points.

3. Slayed Edges

Slayed Edges - List Of The Best 15 Baddie Hairstyles

Slayed edges are an essential component of any baddie hairstyle.

Edges typically pertain to the delicate baby hairs that frame the hairline. Across various cultures, it’s a customary practice to meticulously shape these edges into diverse designs using a toothbrush and edge control gel.

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Though embracing your natural hair texture at the hairline is entirely acceptable, baddies consistently strive for a refined, well-groomed appearance.

For those looking to master the art of laying edges, Sonnis Love offers an excellent beginner tutorial:

4. Half-up Fountain Pony

Half-up Fountain Pony - List Of The Best 15 Baddie Hairstyles

One of my all-time favorite baddie hairstyles is the chic half-up ponytail, a trend that has remained in vogue for the past few years. Celebrities like Ariana Grande and Khloe Kardashian have propelled this style into the limelight, solidifying its enduring popularity.

5. Pigtails

Pigtails - List Of The Best 15 Baddie Hairstyles

It’s evident that a significant source of inspiration for baddie hairstyles stems from early 2000s hair trends. Pigtails, once a widespread fashion statement, are experiencing a revival amongst the modern bad girls.

To achieve an exceptionally trendy look, you can opt for the classic full pigtail style or even embrace a half-up variation.

6. Half-Up Sleek Topknot

Half-Up Sleek Topknot - List Of The Best 15 Baddie Hairstyles

Among the top baddie hairstyles, the sleek half-up topknot stands out as an excellent choice, especially for those with straight hair. This chic style exudes sophistication and is relatively simple for most girls to achieve.

For those with naturally curly hair who desire the straight look, an alternative option is to use a wig, readily available at affordable prices on Amazon. However, it’s worth noting that this hairstyle can also be adapted to suit curly hair.

7. Slick Bun

Slick Bun - List Of The Best 15 Baddie Hairstyles

A notable trait among baddies is their appreciation for natural beauty. There’s no better way to celebrate one’s natural hair texture than by sporting a voluminous and beautiful poof atop their head.

To complete this look with finesse, a sleek bun serves as the ideal finishing touch, allowing the natural hair to take center stage and shine through.

8. Accent Braids

Accent Braids - List Of The Best 15 Baddie Hairstyles

Accent braids are a fundamental component of the baddie repertoire. Their versatility is a key strength as they can either serve as standalone styles or seamlessly blend into other hairstyles.

Accent braids, essentially small braids strategically placed throughout the hair, offer a myriad of creative possibilities. A chic choice is to adorn the hair with two French braids running from the hairline to the crown.

For a comprehensive guide on achieving a baddie look with the addition of mohawk braids to any hairstyle, Valerie Pac provides a helpful tutorial:

9. Clipped Up

Clipped Up - List Of The Best 15 Baddie Hairstyles

Another prevalent hair trend embraced by baddies involves adorning their hair with vibrant butterfly clips or arranging snap clips along the hairline. The key to making a statement with these accessories lies in unleashing your creativity to the fullest. The more imaginative and unique the clip placement, the more it enhances the overall baddie look.

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10. Space Buns

Space Buns - List Of The Best 15 Baddie Hairstyles

In the world of baddie hair, the mantra often revolves around the power of twos: two braids, two ponytails, two buns.

Space buns, characterized by buns on both sides of the head, enjoy considerable popularity among baddie enthusiasts. When it comes to double buns, it’s essential to keep in mind that bigger, textured buns take precedence over tight, sleek ones for that perfect baddie look.

11. Brazilian Body Wave

Brazilian Body Wave - List Of The Best 15 Baddie Hairstyles

Baddies take pride in showcasing their natural curls and waves, but there’s no harm in switching things up with the occasional wig or hair extensions.

Brazilian body waves, known for their ultra-glamorous appeal, offer a highly coveted hair texture. Incorporating fake hair into their styling arsenal is a savvy way for a baddie to diversify her hairstyle options.

12. Really Long Sleek Hair

Really Long Sleek Hair - List Of The Best 15 Baddie Hairstyles

Few things radiate more glamour than the allure of exceptionally long, straight, and sleek hair. It’s essentially a non-negotiable element of the baddie aesthetic, a signature look embraced by Instagram’s finest baddies.

Whether your lengthy locks are natural or a result of skillfully applied hair extensions, they can be effortlessly fashioned into a high ponytail atop the head or allowed to cascade down, gently accentuating the curves that define the baddie’s irresistible charm.

13. Rubber Band Hairstyles

Rubber Band Hairstyles - List Of The Best 15 Baddie Hairstyles

Criss-cross rubber band hairstyles rank among the trendiest choices for a baddie’s hair.

Rubber bands offer versatile styling options, but a popular approach involves sectioning the hair into smaller ponytails that elegantly intertwine and cross over one another along the hairline, creating a striking and fashionable look.

14. Boxer Braids

Boxer Braids - List Of The Best 15 Baddie Hairstyles

Boxer braids have emerged as one of the most prominent hair trends in recent years, making them an ideal choice for the bold and confident bad girls.

This hairstyle takes its cues from the way female boxers prepare their hair for a match, featuring two tightly woven braids that cascade down the back of the head. To infuse added length or vibrant colors, it’s a common practice to incorporate feed-in hair (on Amazon) into the braids, adding a touch of individuality to the style.

15. Ultra-High Topknot

Ultra-High Topknot - List Of The Best 15 Baddie Hairstyles

As we’ve previously discussed, baddies have an affection for high topknots. When it comes to mastering the baddie topknot, the golden rule is simple: the higher, the better.

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Final Words

Are you prepared to uphold the demanding standards of perfection? Can you commit to maintaining flawlessly done makeup, impeccably manicured nails, and a wardrobe brimming with trendy ensembles?

To truly embody the baddie persona, a perfect baddie hairstyle is essential. By now, this guide should have provided you with a solid foundation to kickstart your journey.

However, before I conclude, it’s crucial to remember that what you see on Instagram isn’t always an accurate representation of reality. Many people put in considerable effort to project seemingly flawless lives, but behind the scenes, the story can be quite different.

I’d like to emphasize that while embracing the baddie style is enjoyable, it’s important not to take it too seriously. The pursuit of perfection is an unattainable standard that can be challenging for anyone to reach. Always keep in mind that you are already perfect just as you are, and being yourself is the most exceptional thing you can do!

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Related Q&A Related Q&A
  1. What are Baddie hairstyles?
    Baddie hairstyles are trendy, edgy hairdos that exude confidence and individuality.
  2. How can I achieve a Baddie hairstyle?
    You can achieve a Baddie look by opting for bold colors, sharp cuts, and experimenting with unique textures.
  3. Are Baddie hairstyles suitable for all hair types?
    Yes, Baddie hairstyles can be adapted to various hair types, from straight to curly, and everything in between.
  4. What are some popular Baddie hairstyle options?
    Popular choices include sleek bobs, vibrant neon colors, and sharp, angled cuts.
  5. Do I need to use a lot of hair products for Baddie hairstyles?
    Minimal styling products are often enough; Baddie hairstyles prioritize a natural, effortless look.
  6. Can I achieve a Baddie look without visiting a salon?
    Yes, you can create Baddie-inspired styles at home with the right tools and tutorials.
  7. How do I maintain my Baddie hairstyle?
    Regular trims and proper care will keep your Baddie hairstyle looking sharp and fresh.
  8. Are Baddie hairstyles suitable for formal occasions?
    While Baddie hairstyles are edgy, some can be adapted for formal events with a touch of elegance.
  9. What hair accessories complement Baddie hairstyles?
    Hairpins, clips, and bandanas are popular choices to enhance Baddie-inspired looks.
  10. Can Baddie hairstyles boost my confidence?
    Absolutely! Baddie hairstyles empower individuals to embrace their uniqueness and express themselves boldly.

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