What Are The Best 5 Types of Blow-dry?

What Are The Best 5 Types of Blow-dry?

When considering blow-drying, the common image of 80s stars flaunting their XXL volume often comes to mind. However, this perception oversimplifies the process, as there exist numerous other hair-styling techniques. So what are the best 5 types of Blow-dry?

Brushing your hair entails meticulously shaping wet strands to achieve enhanced volume and shine, and there are various approaches to accomplish this. By exploring the following techniques, you’ll be well-equipped to request a professional blow-dry at your hairdresser’s or even master the art yourself!

Smooth blow-dry

The timeless and foolproof blow-dry hairstyle is truly enchanting as it exudes elegance and complements all hair lengths seamlessly.

The key to achieving this stunning look lies in obtaining perfectly straight hair without any frizz. Remarkably, this can be accomplished without the need for a straightener. While the blow-dry technique itself is relatively straightforward, it does demand a bit of time and patience.

Smooth blow-dry - The Best 5 Types of Blow-dry

To initiate the process, begin by pre-drying your hair, gently rubbing it with a towel—opting for a microfiber towel is preferable. The goal is to leave your hair slightly damp, not excessively soaked.

Following this, proceed to delicately detangle your hair using a comb. Afterward, apply a thermo-protective smoothing milk to shield your hair from any potential heat damage.

In the final preparatory step, divide your hair into multiple sections, securing the strands awaiting brushing with clips. This division facilitates a systematic approach to the blow-drying process.

Take hold of the blow-dryer, ensuring to maintain a safe distance of approximately 5 cm from your hair at all times.

Commence at the nape of your neck, wrapping each strand around a round brush and smoothly sliding it from the roots to the tips. While doing so, apply hot air to the hair, consistently repeating this process for each individual strand.

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It may be necessary to revisit each strand multiple times to ensure it gains the desired movement and texture. Ultimately, seal the blow-dry with a light mist of hairspray or glossy oil for those who prefer a lustrous, American-style finish.

Curly blow-dry

Undoubtedly, this glamorous blow-dry holds a special allure, which is why it is frequently chosen for weddings and other elegant occasions. Whether gracing long tresses with a stunning cascade of curls or complementing a chic bob, this style exudes timeless beauty and sophistication.

Curly blow-dry - The Best 5 Types of Blow-dry

Prepare to witness your curls elevated to a Hollywood star’s level with this fabulous blow-dry technique! Although it requires some practice, fear not, for armed with the right tools, you’ll soon master it effortlessly.

As always, we begin by removing excess water from the hair, followed by gentle detangling.

To ensure your curls are well-protected, apply a moisturizing conditioner with built-in heat protection. Although sectioning the hair can be a bit time-consuming, it is crucial for achieving that sophisticated appearance.

Now, the magic happens. Wrap each strand outwardly around a round brush, then carefully direct the blow-dryer over it to craft its distinctive shape. Slowly unravel the strand, and smoothly move on to the next one, unveiling the transformation strand by strand.

After diligently working through all your hair, employ a cool air blast to set the movement in place. Finally, add a light mist of hairspray to hold the stunning result intact.

Alternatively, another practical and effective approach involves using curlers. Wrap each strand around the curlers and apply a brief burst of cold air. Allow the curlers to rest for approximately ten minutes before gently releasing each curl.

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For those seeking a more pronounced, wide curl, opt for large curlers. Conversely, to achieve a tighter, more defined effect, go for smaller curlers. The choice of curler size allows for personalized styling based on individual preferences.

Wavy blow-dry

The wavy blow-dry has been a favorite among beautystas for quite some time now!

If you have medium to long hair or layered hair, the beachy effect is perfect for you! This style has garnered popularity due to its effortlessly natural appearance, often sporting a slightly blurred look, reminiscent of beachy waves.

Wavy blow-dry - The Best 5 Types of Blow-dry

To achieve the perfect beachy waves, begin by pre-drying your hair upside down, effectively maximizing its volume. Then, apply a texturizing spray to add a touch of body and texture.

If you lack a waves spray, fret not! A simple DIY solution involves mixing warm water with a few pinches of salt, creating an unbeatable seawater effect.

Next, wrap each strand around the brush, curling it towards the outside of your face. Direct the airflow towards the brush while unwinding the hair, creating a beautiful twist in the strand.

To further enhance the movement effect, gently tilt your head forward during the drying process. As the final step, lock in the stunning result with a light mist of hairspray, ensuring the beachy waves last all day!

Another time-saving tool to consider is the blower brush (on Amazon), which proves to be quite handy for faster and easier styling. With these practical alternatives, you can achieve a chic look without compromising on time or effort.

Flip blow-dry

This stylish blow-dry, originating from the ’70s, had already gained a devoted following. Its popularity continued into the ’90s, and now, it’s making a remarkable comeback!

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This versatile style suits various hair lengths, but a minimum length is required, and it pairs flawlessly with curtained bangs.

Known as the flip blow-dry, this technique involves a smooth blow-dry with the ends of the hair curled either inwards or outwards.

Flip blow-dry - The Best 5 Types of Blow-dry

To achieve this chic look, simply follow the steps of a regular smooth blow-dry, but with the addition of curling the ends in the desired direction using a round brush. Place the hairdryer on top of the brush to set the curvature.

Whether you choose to flip the ends inwards or outwards, don’t hesitate to embrace the old-school charm by adding a couple of barrettes or a ponytail. These finishing touches will reinforce the nostalgic and trendy appeal of this revived classic!

Voluminous blow-dry

Indeed, this blow-dry style suits all hair lengths and never fails to impress, whether you have short or long hair. The key focus is on achieving maximum volume while retaining hair’s natural suppleness.

Voluminous blow-dry - The Best 5 Types of Blow-dry

To ensure optimal results and a longer-lasting hold, begin with a volumizing shampoo that adds body to your hair. Then, pre-dry your hair upside down to enhance its volume further. Apply a small amount of volumizing mousse to add extra lift and texture.

Next, skillfully slide the round brush beneath each strand and blow-dry it upwards, specifically targeting the roots to create a lift. This technique helps to loosen the roots, adding to the overall volume.

Once your hair is entirely dry, seal the look with a fine mist of hairspray, ensuring a flawless finish that will keep your voluminous style intact throughout the day.

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