What Is Jazzing Hair Color & How to Use It?

What Is Jazzing Hair Color & How to Use It

Let’s delve into Jazzing hair color! If you’ve been immersed in the world of DIY hair color, chances are Jazzing hair color by Clairol has crossed your path. This groundbreaking hair product emerged in the early ’80s and remains a popular choice in both salons and households today.

What is Jazzing Hair Color?

Jazzing Hair Color

Jazzing hair color, crafted by Clairol, offers a temporary/semi-permanent solution for hair coloring. Originally conceived in the ’80s, it was primarily designed for ethnic hair but is suitable for all hair types.

Clairol’s aim was to create a hair color that exuded vibrancy with a radiant, translucent quality while preserving hair integrity. Jazzing can be applied post-relaxing, on permed, previously colored, or virgin hair without any risk of hair damage. This remarkable product is ammonia-free and eliminates the need for a developer, ensuring hair remains unharmed.

For those seeking a more vivid outcome, lightening the hair prior to Jazzing application is an option, albeit one that may result in some hair damage.

What Shades Are Available?

On the Clairol Professional website, you can find a range of available shades.

Jazzing Hair Color

Among them, the clear shade serves a versatile purpose. It can enhance the natural luster of your hair or be applied to previously colored hair. Additionally, it can act as a diluting agent for any of the other shades, offering a milder and less intense result.

Why Should You Use This Product?

Jazzing Hair Color

If you’re in search of a hair coloring solution that avoids damage, especially after a perm or relaxing service, or if you aim to blend in grays without resorting to ammonia or peroxide, this product fits the bill. It’s important to note that while it won’t completely conceal grays, it effectively blends them, reducing their visibility.

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Moreover, this product is a handy tool for maintaining the vibrancy of your permanent hair color between salon appointments. For instance, if you sport a vivid red shade, occasional application of shade 58, Ruby Red, can keep your hair salon-fresh.

For those who enjoy frequently changing their hair color, the semi-permanent version offers flexibility. It washes out within a few weeks, giving you the freedom to experiment with new looks.

Lastly, if you’re seeking to infuse your natural hair color with shine and gloss, 10 Clear is your go-to choice.

How To Use Jazzing Hair Color

What’s truly remarkable about this product is its dual functionality, serving as both a semi-permanent and temporary hair color option (and it often lasts longer than just a single wash).

For Temporary Color Application:

  1. Begin with clean, damp, towel-dried hair. Remember to apply protective cream along the hairline to shield your skin from the dye.
  2. Allow it to process for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Rinse out the product thoroughly and style your hair as desired.

For Semi-Permanent Color Application:
As mentioned previously, start with clean, damp, towel-dried hair, and apply protective cream along the hairline.

  1. Cover your hair with a plastic cap and let it process for up to 30 minutes beneath a warm dryer. The application of heat facilitates the transition to a semi-permanent color (though it’s advisable to avoid heat after a relaxing service).
  2. Afterward, shampoo your hair and style it as desired.

Final Tips

  • For optimal results, ensure your hair is neither excessively wet nor too dry during application. It’s essential to work with hair that is damp and towel-dried.
  • Jazzing hair color, lacking peroxide, doesn’t have the ability to lighten your hair. Even if you choose a lighter shade, like 20 Bold Gold on black hair, your hair will maintain its black base, albeit with a subtle hint of gold.
  • Effective grey blending can be achieved with shades like 78 Creme Soda, 80 Toasted Chestnut, 94 Ebony, 96 Coffee Bean, and 99 Bluest Black.
  • To extend the longevity of your color, incorporate dry shampoo between washes and opt for cool or lukewarm water during shampooing.
  • Many have found that a standard hairdryer lacks the necessary heat to set the color effectively. Consider using a bonnet hair dryer for better results.
  • In case of skin contact, removing the dye may take some time. Roux Clean Touch is a reliable product for this purpose, and it’s advisable to employ a protective skin barrier as a precaution.
  • Be cautious as Jazzing hair color may stain porous surfaces, such as bathtubs, countertops, and clothing. For bathroom surfaces, bleach is effective for cleanup, while clothes and carpets may not be as fortunate.
  • Jazzing hair color is enriched with conditioning ingredients, rendering excess conditioner unnecessary. Additionally, excessive conditioner usage has been associated with accelerated color fading.
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Where Can I Buy Jazzing Hair Color?

If you’re impressed with what you’ve read so far, you’re in luck! Jazzing hair color is readily available at Sally Beauty Supply stores and various other locations.

Alternatively, if you prefer the convenience of online shopping and don’t mind a two-day wait for free Prime shipping, Amazon offers a fantastic selection at attractive prices.

Jazzing Hair Color

Related Q&A

hairStylesTalk.com Related Q&A
  1. What is Jazzing hair color?
    Jazzing hair color is a semi-permanent hair dye that adds temporary color and shine to your hair.
  2. How long does Jazzing hair color last?
    Jazzing hair color typically lasts up to 6-8 shampoos, making it a great option for a temporary change.
  3. Is Jazzing hair color damaging to hair?
    No, Jazzing hair color is ammonia-free and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that can damage your hair.
  4. Can I use Jazzing hair color on dark hair?
    Yes, Jazzing can be used on dark hair, but the results may be more subtle than on lighter hair.
  5. How do I apply Jazzing hair color?
    Apply it to clean, damp hair, comb through, and leave it in for 20-30 minutes, then rinse.
  6. Can I mix Jazzing hair colors?
    Yes, you can mix Jazzing colors to create a custom shade that suits your preferences.
  7. Will Jazzing hair color cover gray hair?
    Jazzing can blend and tone gray hair, but it may not provide full coverage.
  8. Is Jazzing hair color safe for all hair types?
    Jazzing is generally safe for all hair types, but a patch test is recommended for sensitive skin.
  9. How often can I reapply Jazzing hair color?
    You can reapply Jazzing as often as you like since it’s gentle and temporary.
  10. How do I maintain Jazzing hair color?
    Use color-safe shampoo and conditioner, avoid hot water, and limit sun exposure to prolong the color’s vibrancy.
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