How To Use Hair Color Remover?

How To Use Hair Color Remover?

Sometimes, after dyeing your hair, you’re disappointed or even devastated, and all you want to do is cry! That’s when you dream of a magic wand to get rid of the color!

Scoop: there are color erasers!

How does it work, does it work for all colorations, does it bring back your natural hair, does the formula damage your hair, how to choose your color eraser…

We answer all your questions!

What is a hair color remover?

hair color remover

As the name suggests, a color remover is a product that removes artificial coloring.

If color were hair make-up, the color remover would be make-up remover. It’s also known as a hair make-up remover.

The eraser’s formula penetrates the hair shaft and dissolves artificial pigments, i.e. those used in coloring, without attacking natural pigments. Once the pigment is dissolved, it rinses off easily.

It’s perfect for use when semi-permanent hair color fails, to make color fade faster, or to lighten a color that’s too dark.

However, even if it seems a little like magic, in some cases you may not get your natural color back as quickly.

If you color your hair very frequently, it may be more difficult, and your natural color may have been permanently altered.

On the other hand, the remover only removes hair color that is darker than the natural color. It cannot, therefore, remove bleached hair.

Color remover or bleaching: which method is better?

With bleaching, the bleaching agent, hydrogen peroxide, removes all pigments, even natural ones. This technique is therefore considered very aggressive, damaging and thinning the hair.

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What’s more, bleaching is irreversible: it can’t be erased or toned down like color.

Color remover is much softer on the hair and, as I said, it’s not a natural color remover. It doesn’t strip the hair fiber.

Of course, it may not be as effective as bleach with certain colors. This is the case with black hair or red hair, whose pigments are particularly difficult to remove, just like henna.

That’s why there are different “levels” of remover: from light to strong, depending on pigment intensity and the color difference between colored and natural hair.

If the result isn’t what you’d hoped for, you can always bleach your hair after a color remover, with all the risks that entails.

Does a color remover damage the hair?

That’s its great strength: ammonia-free color remover doesn’t damage the hair fiber. Its composition is different from that of bleach: it does not open the scales and acts only on the surface.

After use, hair is neither damaged nor dried out. Even if your hair is slightly damaged or tired, you can use color remover without fear.

You should be aware, however, that it will leave your hair a little more porous than usual. This is not serious, but it’s best to avoid coloring after using color remover. The result could be truncated.

So wait two or three days before proceeding with a new hair operation!

How do I use a color remover?

how to use hair color eraser

Color remover is very easy to use.

Start by carefully applying the preparation to dry hair, from roots to ends. Then wrap the hair with a charlotte or cellophane, the idea being to retain heat to maximize the effect of the active ingredients.

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Be sure to respect the application time indicated in the instructions, generally one hour. Don’t be tempted to leave the product on your head any longer, as this won’t remove any more pigments and prolonged use could be counter-productive!

Once the application time is over, rinse your hair thoroughly and thoroughly. If you don’t, you run the risk of retaining artificial pigments in your hair, which will then oxidize again in the open air.

Then shampoo and you’re done. Of course, in this case, color-protecting shampoos are out, and you’re better off with a frequent-use shampoo, for example.

What are the best color removers?

Colour B4 and its intense version ColourB4 Extra are among the market leaders, and their effectiveness seems to be universally acclaimed.

Colour B4. Hair Colour Remover Extra Strength

L’Oréal’s Colorista shampoo erases color quickly and easily. Urban Keratin offers an easy-to-use make-up remover kit.

L'Oreal Paris Hair Care Colorista Reset Shampoo

Schwarzkopf also offers a kit with apparently convincing results. Finally, Vitality’s Color Off also seems to be a favorite.

Schwarzköpf Professional Bond Enforcing Color Remover

Where to find a color eraser?

You can find color erasers at many office supply stores, such as Staples, Office Depot, or even at some larger retailers like Walmart or Target. These erasers are often located in the stationery or art supply section of the store.

If you’re looking for a specific type or brand, you might also consider checking online retailers like Amazon, where you can find a wide variety of options to choose from. Additionally, some specialty art supply stores or online stores that cater to artists may have a larger selection of color erasers in different sizes and colors.

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Related Q&A Related Q&A
  • What is a hair color remover?
    A hair color remover is a product that helps strip previously applied hair dye from your hair.
  • How does hair color remover work?
    Hair color removers use reducing agents to break down the dye molecules in your hair, allowing them to be washed out.
  • Is hair color remover damaging to hair?
    Hair color removers can be drying, so it’s important to follow up with a deep conditioning treatment.
  • Can hair color remover remove all types of hair dye?
    Hair color removers work best on oxidative dyes and may not be as effective on direct dyes.
  • How long does it take for a hair color remover to work?
    Hair color removers typically need to be left on the hair for 20-60 minutes, depending on the product.
  • Can I use a hair color remover on freshly dyed hair?
    It’s best to wait a few days after coloring your hair before using a color remover to avoid excessive damage.
  • Will a hair color remover lighten my natural hair color?
    Hair color removers may lighten your natural hair color slightly, but they are designed to remove artificial dye.
  • Can I reapply hair dye immediately after using a color remover?
    It’s recommended to wait at least 24 hours before reapplying hair dye after using a color remover.
  • Are there any risks associated with using a hair color remover?
    Hair color removers can cause skin irritation, so it’s important to perform a patch test before use.
  • Can I use a hair color remover to change my hair color frequently?
    Frequent use of hair color removers can be damaging to your hair, so it’s best to avoid excessive use.


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