How to Use Collagen for Hair? and What are its Benefits?

How to Use Collagen for Hair? and What are its Benefits?

Collagen is renowned in the cosmetics sector for its ability to combat the signs of skin ageing, such as the formation of wrinkles.

However, its beneficial properties for hair are less well known. And yet, here’s an active ingredient that’s packed with benefits for keeping your hair healthy.

And as you know, for hair to shine, it must be supplied with all the nutrients it needs. This is done through diet, to avoid any deficiencies that could damage hair’s vigor, and through local treatments!

Collagen is one of these essential components, along with iron, zinc, B vitamins, fatty acids (good omegas) and selenium, to ensure your hair looks its best.

So, without further ado, let’s discover the benefits of collagen for hair in this article.

What is collagen?

What is collagen

Collagen is a fibrous protein. It’s the most abundant protein in the body and is made up of multiple amino acids.

Collagen peptides contribute to cell renewal. However, they diminish with age, which is why it’s so important to provide your body with collagen to slow down the aging process.

Collagen plays a key role in limiting the overall effects of aging on your metabolism.

In fact, it helps preserve your health (joints, cartilage, tendons…), as well as your beauty: skin and hair, of course!

Collagen or keratin for hair?

In fact, collagen and keratin are inseparable: one cannot exist without the other.

In fact, as mentioned above, collagen is made up of numerous amino acids. The body uses some of these precious amino acids to make keratin.

Hair is 95% keratin, which protects it from UV rays and other external aggressions. As you can see, you need collagen to produce keratin, the main component of your skin.

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What are the benefits of collagen for hair?

How does collagen affect your hair? What hair problems can it help to treat, so that you can regain toned, radiant hair?

Repairing properties for brittle, limp hair

If your hair is particularly damaged and devitalized, collagen is an ally in its rescue.

The nutrients provided by collagen will help repair your hair, so you can say goodbye to rough hair.

Scales are smoothed and gaps are filled. In synergy with keratin and hyaluronic acid, collagen works wonders on flat hair.

Invigorating properties for hair loss

As we have seen, over the years, our production of collagen diminishes, contributing to both internal and external aging. Skin firmness diminishes. As a result, wrinkles appear, while hair loses density or starts to fall out.

Hair becomes thinner and more fragile. This gives the impression of a loss of substance, which is aesthetically unflattering.

Once again, collagen helps to limit these inconveniences by offering a rejuvenating cure to your hair at half-mast. It can be used both internally, with dietary supplements, and applied through hair care products.

Combining the two is an excellent way to revitalize your hair and restore its strength and vigor!

the benefits of collagen for hair

Collagen and hair: side effects?

Taken internally at recommended doses, collagen’s side effects are very rare. They may include mild digestive problems (constipation, diarrhea, gastric reflux, bloating).

But be careful! People suffering from hypercalcemia or kidney failure are advised not to take collagen internally.

In addition, people suffering from seafood allergies should not ingest marine collagen.

As always, you should consult a health professional before starting a course of dietary supplements, especially if you are pregnant, taking medication or suffering from a chronic pathology.

How do I use collagen for my hair?

1. Internally with dietary supplements (capsules, powder, sticks)

How do I use collagen for my hair

Most dietary supplements are made from marine collagen (bovine collagen is also available). It is usually taken as a two- or three-month course of treatment, the time needed to measure the positive effects of the amino acids it contains on your hair.

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Collagen is often available in capsule or tablet form, simply swallowed with water. It can also be found in powder form, which should be diluted in a bottle of water.

Better still, place your daily dose of powder in a blender and make a vitamin-packed homemade smoothie (fruit and/or vegetable juice) for a great beauty boost!

Some powders or sticks can be flavoured directly with water – quick and easy!

2. Eat foods rich in collagen

Eat foods rich in collagen

Collagen-rich recipes include the essential bone broth (which contains marrow bone). If you don’t mind eating meat products, consider a vegetable-packed pot-au-feu and add a marrow bone or two.

It’s a healthy and beautiful broth, rich in collagen, that’s comforting enough for winter!

Dairy products are also packed with amino acids (lysine and proline, in particular) that help build collagen fibers in the body.

Red and oleaginous fruits, like eggs, are also great additions to your plate!

3. Apply collagen-based hair care products

Collagen-based hair care ranges are available, with shampoos, conditioners and masks all ready to use.

OGX Biotin & Collagen Extra Strength Volumizing Shampoo

But if you prefer, you can also make your own homemade collagen-based hair care products using glycoproteins derived from non-genetically modified yeast.

You can simply add a few drops of plant collagen to your shampoo or hair mask (0.5% to 5% of the total weight of your preparation).

This addition to your products will help care for fine, fragile hair by sheathing it and giving it more volume.

Where can I find collagen for hair?

Dedicated brands selling collagen products online include Honma Tokyo Collagen Caviar (on Amazon), whose technology rejuvenates and strengthens your hair fiber.

Honma Tokyo Collagen Caviar Hair Shampoo

This range also helps maintain your hair after Brazilian straightening to soften it.

The Lorenzo Professional range also includes a shampoo and conditioner rich in collagen and biotin to care for your hair.

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Collagen-based dietary supplements are available in organic boutiques, on specialized beauty/health websites such as Greenweez, or on more generalist sites like Amazon.

Be sure to check the source of your collagen and, above all, the dosage before you buy! To avoid unpleasant surprises, choose American or European brands.

Liquid collagen for local application can be found in organic boutiques or on organic online sites.

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Related Questions Related Q&A
  • What is collagen’s role in improving hair health?
    Collagen boosts hair strength and elasticity, promoting growth and reducing breakage.
  • How does collagen benefit hair appearance?
    Collagen enhances hair’s shine, thickness, and overall health, revitalizing dull or damaged hair.
  • Can collagen supplements help with hair growth?
    Yes, collagen supplements can stimulate hair follicles, leading to increased growth.
  • What types of collagen are best for hair health?
    Marine collagen, rich in amino acids, is particularly effective for improving hair texture.
  • When should I expect to see results from using collagen for hair?
    Results vary, but noticeable improvements in hair health can be seen in a few weeks.
  • Are there any side effects of using collagen for hair?
    Collagen is generally safe, but some may experience mild digestive issues or allergies.
  • How should collagen be incorporated into my hair care routine?
    Collagen can be consumed as a supplement or applied topically in hair masks or treatments.
  • Can collagen help with hair loss or thinning?
    Collagen may help by strengthening hair follicles and improving overall hair health.
  • Is there a recommended dosage of collagen for improving hair health?
    Dosage varies, but typically 2.5-10 grams per day is recommended for hair benefits.
  • Are there any dietary sources of collagen for those who prefer not to take supplements?
    Yes, bone broth, chicken skin, and fish are natural sources of collagen that can benefit hair health.

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